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Mounting your wide range TV or screen on the wall sounds easy, but it can be more complicated than you think. It is especially problematic if you try to do it yourself or hire somebody who doesn’t have proper skills for mounting equipment in an effective way. At WallMountingService, we guarantee successful installation without compromising either comfort or interior design aesthetics – one of our most sought-after installation services among customers from GTA!

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Why choose Us?

We have the know-how to help you navigate any type of residential and commercial TV installations, no matter what materials or surfaces being used. We guarantee that our work will be done with high quality and your satisfaction in mind. Our team has hands-on experience doing perfect mounts for every kind there is – and we have also handled the newest models of electronic devices. WallMountingService offers total customer support and professional services. We never declare jobs completed until they’re green-lit by an expert who can truly assess how satisfied customers are after their projects’ completion.

Wall mounts help you get the most out of your home theater experience. Our technicians will design stress-free and clutter free setups to meet all your needs, whether they’re on a tiled, wood, or concrete wall. We offer solutions for both flat panel TVs as well as projectors screens, so that an excellent viewing angle can be delivered at any screen size within budget limits.

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Our Top Rated Services

Projector Installation

Projector installation is a challenging task that requires expertise. We at WallMountingService will make your home theater come alive with our affordable yet premium quality projector and monitors installation services. Our licensed technicians have all the know-how needed for the accurate mounting of projectors as well as style in doing so, which means no matter what size or shape the screen image needs to be projected onto, we can take care of business quickly while giving off an output that exceeds expectations.

Monitor Installation

The right mount can make all the difference in mounting a monitor on the wall, regardless if they’re flat or curved panel TV’s. The wrong aspect of installation could lead to an expensive mistake, so we always ensure our work has been carefully thought through and evaluated for its aesthetic value as well safety. This applies to whether the installation process involves something that’s mounted up high or close by with other equipment, like lights or speakers.

Video Wall Installation

A video wall is a large screen that’s made up of multiple monitors. They’re common in commercial buildings and homes, but WallMountingService can create beautiful ones for your office too! A specialist technician will be required to install it because you need someone with technical skills as well as equipment like ours. You’ll need an expert team if you want things lined up perfectly.

Smart Board Installation

A smart board is a digital interactive whiteboard that allows users to collaborate on the same screen. This makes it an asset for school or workplace, but ensuring installation (especially a UL-approved mount) correctly can be tricky and costly if you’re not careful. We guarantee our accuracy when installing your boards so there isn’t any hassle down the road.

TV Wall

You can always count on us to deliver an excellent installation every single time. We specialize in the installation and maintenance of TV sets, no matter what size you need. Whether your work requires commercial or residential setups,  or fixed vs adjustable television mounts, our setup team guarantees perfection every time with precision that will leave customers satisfied for years to come.

Professional Wire Concealment

Invisible wire concealment is a great way to keep your cabling plan hidden. We can design it so that even when you’re installing appliances in hard-to-reach places, the wires will be out of sight. This also helps to avoid any dangerous situations for yourself or those around you.


Structured Low Voltage Cabling

It’s time to get your home or office wired for the future. With so many different digital devices in use, you’ll need low voltage cable wiring that can handle any task – from TVs and audio setups all the way down to Ethernet connections and internet networks.



Whatever you need mounted on your wall, our specialists can get it done. Whether it be for paintings, frames, curtains, bikes, LED LCD 37″-70″ screens, storage solutions, or more, no task is too big!


Mounting a TV in your home is an important decision that will affect not just you, but also everyone who visits. There are many factors to take into consideration when deciding what type of mounting system and where it should go. We offer different bracket systems, including flat panel swivel tilt, dual-arm articulated mount, solid full-motion mount, and even a mounting bracket with remote control. Give us your product specification and we will provide recommendations. Our friendly sales team at WallMountingService has years experience working within all price ranges, which allows us provide accurate quotes on budget-friendly services tailored around clients needs.

Yes! We will be happy to help you find the perfect TV mounting solution. Whether it's a flat-screen, wall mount or swivel arm option, we can accommodate your needs and work with any surface material such as wood studs in drywall spaces so that everything looks seamless.

A TV mount is a must-have for anyone who has installed many flat panel TVs in their house. A professional installer will ensure the perfect spot and design safety solutions when you have your space all planned out.

No, it won't. Wall mounting is a great way to save space and keep your monitor in place. You can either use the wall bracket, which will attach it securely against one flat surface on their own without any extra hardware needed, or you could go with swivel or tilting mounts for an ideal viewing angle and that nothing obstructs its functionality.

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